One day in the morning

One day in the morning

ある朝 気づく

A dolphin crossing across the sea

Of dimensions of galaxies


Sings while swinging

歌いながら ゆらぎながら

Swimming soothes smoothly through


Sees beyond the seven seas


At the same time




Piano Concert(発表会)

Sometimes a small change can make a pretty powerful effect to get to change the whole life.


I played at a piano concert yesterday. Waiting my turn negative thoughts occurred such as suddenly forgetting the piece or irreparably strike a wrong key to make a big sound. I got nervous.


I have often got nervous for real, which made me feel so bad that I left the time and place that was ‘here and now’, mentally.


But it was different yesterday.


By unknown reason I just made up my mind to STAY. Stay at the time and place. Stay in my physical body experience.


That is grounding, right I think.





The Goddess Of Fire (ペレ)

Have I told you I am a web designer? Last Sunday I got an attunement of Pele, the Lemurian goddess of fire. She coordinates the element of fire, the symbol of our spiritual bodies. With her support our spiritual bodies are fully empowered, to show themselves in their own expression.


Okay, you may wonder why I asked you if you had heard about my work. Yesterday my fellow team talked about the next sale on our website. The sale would be a three days sale starting today, on Tuesday, so I proposed the nickname for the sale as ‘Three Days Of Fire’. To my surprise the teammates completely liked the words and the sale got the name provoking the goddess of fire, Pele.


Birds Are Angels

Birds are angels
For their beautiful wings
Forever swinging
Fly high.

Birds are angels
For their soothing voices
Forever lingering
Fly far.

Onto the earth they come
For their own love
For help of the wounded
Having flown from far.

So no tears are needed
On the time a bird leaves
Off his earthly provision.

For birds are angels
Coming close to us
Not only as earthly
But as heavenly body.



Let me suppose one thing. We think as we use language to express what we think, but we do that as well as to create what we are going to think.


That is one of the reasons why I write my blog in two languages.  English words including those around spirituality are often translated into Japanese words of very far meaning, I dare say.


Today I will try to show you a tip of my hobby about language to help you arrange your path of thought.


Here I have a Japanese word: mitomeru.


In which meaning do you use ‘mitomeru’, ‘admit’ or ‘recognize’ ?


I put the examples of the use of  ‘admit’ and ‘recognize’ to follow.


I admit my mistake. (‘mitomeru’ as admit)

私は自分の誤りを認める。(認める = admit)

I recognize him. (‘mitomeru’ as recognize)

私は彼を知っている。(認める = recognize)

You can replace one by the other because the word ‘mitomeru’ wears no value in duality itself. They are accepted in the context.